czwartek, 19 lutego 2015

Barcelona. Inspirations at Vincon.

I have just returned from Barcelona, a city full of people and design. Naturally you first see all the specific design in buildings of the down town and sculptures, ceramics in the Gaudi park. They will remind me of the Spanish city in the cold days in Poland.

I felt in love with the flag store of modern furniture Vincon. It is located in the historic building and the interior gives such a beautiful perspective for the modern design that I was fascinated. The high exposition rooms with artistically decorative ceilings present both icons of modern furniture and other simplistic solutions for your home. The old fire place is just remarkable.
Inside on the first floor there are little "urban" gardens with large plants and trees 
visible through large windows. 
The Mediterranean style terrace on the roof when garden furniture are exhibited is like an additional shopping floor.

Visiting Barcelona without even looking into ZARA Home would be strange for me. Hence below the latest collection from its 2-floor store.

sobota, 7 lutego 2015

If you change nothing...

If you change nothing, nothing will change.

I like design, I like stylish interiors and I used to like the way I furnished my apartment.
I used to.... . 
This blog is to gather inspirations, ideas and hints for the change, for redesign, for setting a new decor and "aroma" of my private area.

The photo shows the current, classical and quite modest "soggiorno" in my apartment.       Soon new ideas... .